Help Make A Difference This Christmas Season

23. Select an age/gender (Infant, Toddler, Elementary / Middle / High School age child
(This is the age you will be shopping and filling your bag for.)
22. Essentials items (diapers, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, brush/comb, etc.)
21. Socks & Underwear
20. PJ’s
19. Coat or two for different seasons
18. Outdoor gear (Hat, Gloves, Snow pants, etc.)
17. A pair of shoes
16. An outfit or two
15. Soft blanket
14. A animal friends, something to hug and love
13. Backpack for daycare / school
12. School supplies
11. Calming tools: coloring book/markers, sensory play items
10. A new toy
9. A book or two
8. Journal and nice pen
7. Hair care supplies (Brush, comb, hair ties, etc.)
6. Bathing tool-kit (Shampoo, conditioner, lotion)
5. Crafting & art supplies
4. A gift card for them to pick out their own special item
3. Pass this on, share how you are helping a child in need
2. 1. Prepare the items to deliver & set the delivery date.