A New Day

Is it time for a change?  Ready or not, this session can be tailored to be a Keynote or Hands-on workshop session.  You will leave inspired to approach the day ahead with a new lens, belief in oneself and ready to make changes for your best life.  This is a motivational, uplifting and empowering session that have left many laughing, crying and rising to their feet with gratitude.


You don’t want to pass up the opportunity to have Tracy speak at your event. Tracy has led workshops as a speaker and done keynotes for us. Our attendees were talking about her and her presentations for months and even years after our events. Many shared they were crying and laughing all at the same time throughout her presentations.

 Her raw and realness about difficult life circumstances, balanced with concrete examples of how goodness has come from those inspires and influences people. Sprinkling in her humor makes her presentations impactful to all in the room. Add her knowledge of trauma and how the brain works imparts amazing takeaways for all participants.

Behind the scenes, she was very easy to work with. I left every conversation with Tracy in a better place than I came into it. We had all her pieces and parts in on time making the life of the event team much easier. 

You do not want to miss all the heart and soul Tracy brings to events. 

Carrie Reichartz

Founder and Director of Infinitely More Life

“As a busy woman who wears a number of hats including mom of six, grandmother of twelve, full-time bank executive,  small city Mayor, and past state president of a women’s volunteer organization, I found myself having a difficult time finding “me” in my schedule.  I was so busy responding to the needs of others, that I forgot that I also needed to respond to my needs as well. Listening to Tracy’s talk about “I am” and “I will” was life-changing and just what I needed to hear at that time in my life.  She delivered her message with compassion, humor, and insight that was easy to identify with. She definitely understands what challenges all women face in their daily lives and gives simple, easy and effective tools for helping us make shifts in our daily lives to  remember who we are.” 

Brenda S.

Lived Experience Leading Systems Change
The voices of those with lived experience can improve the complex systems that support children with mental health challenges. This session provides an overview of tools and best practices to deepen the level of involvement of individuals with lived experience – whether you are a practitioner, family member, or youth.
Learning Objectives: For organizational leaders, understand best practices and tools for including leaders with lived experience in systems change. For people with lived experience, understand how to get more engaged in systems change.

Trauma 101: An overview of what trauma looks like.  

This workshop is appropriate for parents, school leadership, teachers, para-professionals, staff and mental health professionals.  Tracy will provide insight from both her professional teaching experiences as well as being a parent with special needs children. Workshop length: 1-hour session.

Building Strategies & Tools for Building Resilient School Communities.

This workshop will focus on three core modules needed to build resilient school communities. Tracy brings K-12, adult literacy education and administrative lens to this workshop series.  In addition, her first-hand day-to-day position as “mom” to five special needs children give an insight like no other. This hands-on engage workshop series will leave you with a new perspective with tools to support your work.

Module 1: Trauma 101: What is trauma and how to identify symptoms and reactions.

Module 2: Trauma & the Brain: How does trauma affect the brain, learning, memory and the nervous system?

Module 3: Everyday tools for resiliency and healing trauma.  Strategies explored in this module will include hands-on tools ready for school communities to engage in mindfulness activities in the school community.  Tools showcased will demonstrate how stress-free it is to integrate trauma healing approaches.

Welcome to the Digital Divide – How has technology changed and what do I need to do?
This introduction to technology will highlight where we have come from and where technology is heading. Join the digital divide discussion and come away with new tools, resources and feel the can-do attitude at the end of the presentation. Workshop length: 1-3 hour session.

Quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“You are an amazing instructor, orator and person! Good luck with finishing your PhD Dissertation, much success is sure to follow you throughout life. I do hope our paths cross again.” 

Mary B.

“Slightly nervous upon entering this day long class. The class description involved words like, “networks” “databases” and other technological names that were unsettling due to my lack of knowledge in this area. My mind was immediately put to ease after meeting the class instructor, Tracy Loken Weber. Her welcoming personality was comforting, her politeness was infectious and she was extremely knowledgeable. This class definitely left me feeling more confident in the “technology” area because of how simplified Tracy explained things to us. Thank you, Tracy, for the wealth of useful information you shared with me!”

Debi W.

“Tracy you are AMAZING! I truly enjoyed your class on Wednesday! I hope to see you in the future!”

Susan H.